Preschedule meetings at event

Coordinating 1-1 meetings for a team of sales reps is challenging, especially when you are constrained by limited time slots and limited venue spaces. Schedule meetings at event easily via a conversation. Your sales will thank you for making it easy for them.

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Schedule meetings via conversation

How it works


Request meeting time slots

Request meeting time slots via a conversation. Hanana proposes time slots and considers the following: event schedule (from vendor site), availability of your sales reps (from their google calendar), the capacity constraint of venue.


Confirm timeslots

Hanana updates contact status, automatically create meetings in salesforce. Frees up unused slots to make them available again.


Meeting reminder

Remind your sales reps on incoming meetings so that they won't miss them.


Take meeting notes

Sales reps type notes into a conversation with Hanana on their phones or laptops. Hanana uploads notes to salesforce automatically.