AI assistants for B2B event managers

According to Forbes, Event Management is the 5th most stressful job in the world! Hanana takes the stress out of the job by providing project management tools and taking care of mundane tasks.

Hanana is currently in private beta. Want to get Hanana before everybody else?

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Increasing pressure to justify event ROI?

Hanana helps you drive event attendance and improve event ROI.

How Hanana can help

Event ROI in real time

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Hanana integrates with salesforce, delivers ROI insights in real-time during the whole life cycle of events. Calculate your true ROI from sales pipeline data.

Continue using your favorite tool - spreadsheet

No need to learn another complex software. No need to migrate off your favorite spreadsheets. Hanana can understand your spreadsheets and extract information out of it. You can continue managing your projects with a spreadsheet.

Single place to see all your event related information

Your event technology stacks consist of 4-5 technologies already. Useful information is scattered among them. Hanana aggregates information from event registration software, CRM, marketing automation platform, sales outreach tools. You can track key deliverables from one single place.

Preschedule sales meeting at event

Sales meetings at events drive your ROI. Limited spaces, precious executive timeslot, availability of team members can make scheduling a nightmare. Hanana integrates with google calendar and offers a friendly self-service conversational interface for your sales to book those meetings. Hanana can learn the importance of different meetings and prioritize them for executives.

Align goals with sales, sales development team

Driving event attendance need collaboration from your sales and sales development team, but yet many sales or sales development team are not incentivized right for events. Hanana helps you demonstrate event values to sales and sales development team, show how your event can help them make their quota. Hanana also tracks event outreach effort so that you and your sales or sales development managers are aligned on progress.

Building your event agenda with ease

Multiple event tracks, different room capacity/room requirements, registration situation, speaker preferences can make event agenda building a daunting task. Hanana builds agenda for you satisfying all these constraints. Hanana can gradually learn your preference so you don't need to adjust the generated agenda manually.

Allow flexible changes when unexpected happens

It is tedious to change hundreds of tasks when a date is moved unexpectedly. Hanana can discover dependencies between tasks, identify fixed dates, cascade date changes among your tasks. Presents changes for you to review before committing them.

Different access levels for different internal and external teams

It takes a village to create a successful event. External agency, contractors and marketing, sales, sales development team etc require different access level. Hanana allows to apply access control to event information.